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Traveler's Diary on Alwar

The last place on our itinerary for the Rajasthan trip this time was the city of Alwar. Although we were nearly exhausted and wanted to see our own home, the idea of visiting places like Sariska and Bhangarh pepped us enough to get going for the remaining trip.

As we reached the city of Alwar, heavy showers welcomed us to the city. As we were to start our trip by visiting the famous Sariska National Park, we decided to put up at a hotel adjacent to the entrance of the national park. We reached the hotel late in the evening and tired by the journey looked for a bed straight away.

Next morning we got up early to catch the forest jeep but missed it by a few minutes. Then we had to resort to private jeep owners who are not all that skilled and charge a bit more (it is always advisable to take a government owned vehicle for forest safari). As we entered the forest, we were amazed to see the vegetation. Even during summers when the scorching summer heat was killing, the forests were as green as ever. Animals like deers, bluebulls, rabbits and foxes wandered in a free environment there. We also went to historic monuments like Kankwari fort, Pandupol and Hanuman temple that are located right inside the national park. Later that day we checked out of that hotel and returned to the main city of Alwar that is around thirty-five kilometers away from the national park.

Next morning we started our trip by visiting the famous Bala Quila located nearly 15 kms away from the city. It is a strategic fort on a hilltop that was built even before the advent of the city of Alwar. One can have a panoramic view of the city from the fort premises. While returning we went to government museum that houses a number of antiques that once belonged to the royal family of Alwar. We kept the later half of the day to visit the market places of the city and freaked out with the shopping there.

The third and the last day of our visit to the city was mainly focused on visiting the excavated town of Bhangarh and the attractions nearby. As the town is around 80 kms from the city of Alwar, we had to go through a strenuous journey with harsh rays of sun falling on us. It took us around three hours to reach Bhangarh as the roads were not maintained properly but still the outcome was worth the effort. It was a beautiful site and has been conserved properly by the authorities. While returning we visited the temple of Bhartrihari and the famous Siliserh Lake. The Siliserh Lake is a beautiful place and an amazing site for its visitors. Located in the outskirts of the city of Alwar, the beauty of this lake is simply beyond words.

As we had heard a lot about the famous sweet that belongs uniquely to Alwar, we went to the market in the evening and bought a few boxes of milk cake from there. The city is famous throughout the country for this preparation that is palatable and can be preserved easily for days.

Although we stayed at Alwar only for three days still we grew fond of the city. As we had seen a number of townships in Rajasthan, we were under the impression that most of the state consists of townships only and there are only a few developed cities there. However Alwar seemed to be a peaceful and developed city to us thus ending our trip on a happy note.

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