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Hanuman Temple in Alwar

Hanuman Temple in Alwar is situated within the expansive area of Sariska National Park, nearly 11 km from its main entry gate. Though the world famous wildlife sanctuary encloses a number of striking temples, the Hanuman Temple is undoubtedly a major attraction for visitors to Alwar.

The prime attraction of Hanuman Temple in Alwar is the striking idol of Lord Hanuman in a resting position that reminds of a fascinating legend going back to the days of the Mahabharata in India. Lord Hanuman once decided to shatter the ego of Bhima, one of the Pandava brothers, who supposedly felt that he was the strongest of all in the world. He chose to do so while the Pandavas were on their way to spending their 13th year of exile. Hanuman assumed the form of an old monkey and lied down on the road waiting for the Pandavas to pass by. As they came, they saw a huge old monkey with an unusually long tail that blocked their way. They asked the monkey to allow them to move ahead but the latter simply said that it was too old to even move an inch. On hearing this, the Pandavas decided to push aside its tail to make their way and asked Bhima to do so. Overconfident as he was, he headed straight towards the old monkey's tail and tried picking it up but was shocked to note that the tail was too heavy to be even picked from the ground!

On seeing this, the Pandavas could sense that it was not a normal monkey and had some divine powers. Lord Hanuman finally returned to his true form and disclosed his intention to teach Bhima a lesson. It is believed that the Hanuman Temple in Alwar was later built by the locals at the same place with the idol of Lord Hanuman placed in the original reclining posture. Hanuman Temple attracts a large number of devotees across the country and even the entry to Sariska National Park is made free on all Tuesdays and Saturdays (auspicious days of Lord Hanuman in Hindu mythology).

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