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Neelkanth Temples in Alwar

Neelkanth Temples in Alwar are among the several tourist attractions that lie within the world famous Sariska National Park. Though the ancient temples of Neelkanth today lie in a wrecked state, they remind of the glorious history of the bygone era and are worth a visit during your tour to Alwar city.

Around 32 km from the main entry point of Sariska National Park, one comes across the ancient ruins of Neelkanth Temples. Though no clear evidence is available regarding the construction of Neelkanth Temples in Alwar, history suggests that these temples were built during the period of 6th - 13th century. The most prominent and frequently visited temple among these is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva (who is also known as Neelkanth in Hindu mythology). The temple continues to attract a large number of devotees across the country even today.

Neelkanth Temples in Alwar are flanked with lush green trees that seem to add beauty to the otherwise ruined site. However, the temples have now been included as a protected area and photography/videography is strictly restricted at the site.

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