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Bird's Sanctuary in Bharatpur

The biggest attraction for the Indian and international tourists coming to the city of Bharatpur is its famous Bird's sanctuary. A place that is like a paradise for the bird watchers from all across the world, the Bird's Sanctuary in Bharatpur sees a large number of tourists throughout the year.

Keoladeo Ghana National Park or the popular Bird's Sanctuary in Bharatpur is spread over an area of around 29 sq kms and is conveniently reachable from all parts of the city. The water body of the sanctuary is spread over nearly 11 sq kms and the rest 18 sq kms comprise the dry lands of the habitat of the hundreds of species of local and migratory birds.

Bird's Sanctuary in Bharatpur was initially a natural depression of land that was filled with water at the convergence established at the dam of the two rivers Banganga and Gambhir. The growth of life in water invited local birds for food. Later migratory birds also started coming here and the area soon developed as a duck shooting reserve. The members of the royal family of Bharatpur and their guests visited this place quite often for hunting. The day of November 12, 1938 has been marked in the history of this place. It was the day when Lord Linlithgow, the then viceroy of India accompanied by his shooting party shot as many as 4273 birds. Later this place got the status of a bird sanctuary in the year 1965 and shooting was prohibited there. Bird's Sanctuary in Bharatpur was declared to be a Ramsar site in the year 1981 and a world heritage site in 1985.

Bird's Sanctuary in Bharatpur has around 375 species of local and migratory fowl. Main species of local birds are Indian Robin, Mac pie, Dove, Black Drango, Tiger Bird while Siberian crane, Sri Lankan Storks, Black Necked Storks and Northern Pintails are the prominent among migratory fowl. Apart from several species of birds, the Bird's Sanctuary in Bharatpur also has species of animals like spotted deer, monkeys, sambhar deer, bluebull, jackal, hyena and lizards.

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