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Traveler's Diary on Jaipur

Since childhood, I have been to the Pink City a number of times but the kind of experience I had in the recent trip was simply unmatchable. I was a bit uninterested in the beginning as I had been to the place earlier but gradually my interest kept on increasing. The city came out as an entirely different entity to my eyes this time.

As we had secured three days to stay in Jaipur, we started our trip on the first day by visiting the monument that is a hallmark in the city of Jaipur, Hawa Mahal. Although the monument is not conserved properly, it still is a beautiful piece of property in Jaipur. After seeing the monument of Hawa Mahal we went to see the famous observatory Jantar Mantar. Built nearly three hundred years back, this observatory portrays the intellect of Sawai Raja Jai Singh II who established it. It is known to give the most accurate calculations of time, position of sun and other stars and predictions about rain even today. Apart from these two monuments, the city of Jaipur also boasts about City Palace that has remained the residence of the rulers of Jaipur since its advent. Mesmerizing views of these historical monuments had left us awestruck. Although we were tired but still were pepped up for the remaining trip. After resting for some time in the afternoon we headed towards the famous temple of Galtaji that is acclaimed for its picturesque location. Finally we concluded our day by visiting the famous village resort of the city, Choki Dhani.

On the second day of our trip, we got up earlier and started our day keeping in mind that we had to visit maximum attractions of the city on the same day. We started with the famous Govind Dev Ji temple to take some blessings from the lord and went to the famous cenotaphs of the kings and queens of Jaipur popularly known as Gaitore and Maharani Ki Chatri. Beautiful structures of white marble were nothing less than Taj Mahal itself as far as the art and architecture is concerned. We were amazed to see the beauty of the place. We spent the later half of the day shopping in the famous market places of the city and freaked out upon the articles there.

We dedicated the third and final day of our trip to the citadels of Jaipur that have allured visitors from all across the world for centuries. We started our day by visiting the famous Amer fort that is known to serve as the capital city of Kachchwaha clan of Rajputs before the advent of Jaipur. A beautifully made fort has a number of stunning palaces to fascinate its visitors. The palace that attracted me the most was the dazzling Sheesh Mahal. The elephant ride was so tantalizing that despite of having our own vehicle, we chose to go to the fort by hiring an elephant. After having a traditional Rajasthani lunch of Daal, Baati and Churma, we started for Nahargarh fort that is known for its palaces that were made for the women of the royal family. Comparatively a smaller citadel than the other two, Nahargarh is a beautiful fort. After savoring the beauty of Nahargarh, we went on to see the famous fort of Jaigarh that was the terminus of our trip to the city. It is an enormous fort and houses a number of antiques that belonged to the royal family of Jaipur.

Although we stayed at Jaipur for three days but still it seemed as if we did not have enough of it. When we practically landed to see the entire city, it seemed that we should have secured at least a week to see the maximum places in the city. However someone has correctly said that humans always ask for something more than what they get. Overall I must say that our journey to Jaipur has been intriguing and offered a lot more experience to my life.

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