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City Palace Museum in Jaipur

Jaipur city is known to have a large number of historical monuments and museums that attract a large number of tourists from all over the world every year. Thousands of tourists arrive at Jaipur every year to revisit the departed epochs through these monuments. The City Palace Museum in Jaipur has a prominent place among the museums of the city.

The City Palace Museum in Jaipur is divided into three sections namely textile museum, arms museum and art museum. As one enters the City Palace area, the first museum that falls on the way is the textile museum that houses a number of garments and ornaments worn by the kings and other members of the royal family in the departed era. The major highlight of this museum is a garment worn by Sawai Raja Madho Singh II. It is said that as he had a bigger body frame, the cloth used for this garment was 190 meters of cloth. Several bridal dresses of the women of the royal family and the ornaments worn by them are also put on a display. The polo uniform of Sawai Raja Maan Singh II is worth noticing.

Another section that the City Palace Museum in Jaipur is famous for is the famous arms museum. You can see different kinds of daggers and pistols here. Pistols with double barrels, three barrels and four barrels are a major attraction at the museum. Other attractions at the museum include guns with extremely long barrels that could only be blown by keeping the barrels on the back of an elephant or a camel. Different varieties of swords, daggers, shields and guns make for the constituents of the arms museum at the City Palace museum in Jaipur.

The third and the final section of the City Palace museum in Jaipur is worth visiting a lot of times as no one seems to have enough of it in one go. You can see a 3D painting of Sawai Ram Singh here that seems to be looking in your eyes no matter which side of the painting you are. Several photographs clicked by Sawai Ram Singh who was also the first photographer of the country have been kept here. Paintings that were made by Sawai Ishwar Singh using his fingernails are also worth a see at the museum. A number of paintings from different art schools and manuscripts of great epics like Mahabharata written on rice paper are also displayed in the museum.

The City Palace museum in Jaipur is a place you must visit the next time you go to the pink city as it will allow you a closer look into the lives led by the rulers of Jaipur.

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