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Chauth Mata Temple in Sawai Madhopur

The city of Sawai Madhopur is known to have a number of beautiful temples nestled in the most exquisite surroundings. Not only are these temples a beautiful sight to behold but they are also known for having a lot of religious significance.

Among the temples of the city, Chauth Mata Temple in Sawai Madhopur has a prominent place. Although the temple is located at a distance of nearly 35 kms from the city, still it is visited by a large number of devotees on various occasions. The temple that nestles on a hilltop is reached by climbing stairs that seem to be endless to the person who is arriving for the first time. Thousands of religious and adventure tourists arrive at this temple to seek blessings from Chauth Mata who was known to be the main deity of the ruler of this region.

It is believed that Maharaja Bhim Singh built the Chauth Mata Temple in Sawai Madhopur. He was known to have brought the idol of Chauth Mata from a place known as Pachala, located 15 kms south of Bharwada and placed the idol on this hilltop. Hence the place came to be known as Chauth ka Bharwada and this temple came into existence. The temple also has a beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha and an idol of Bhairav within the main area.

The temple has been constructed in Rajputana style of architecture and has an extensive use of white marble. Beautiful carvings can be seen on the walls, pillars and ceiling of the temple. The tourists arriving here can have a panoramic view of the meadows and wonderful landscapes.

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